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We Are Global Strategists Association.

Global Strategists Association (GSA) is an organization working to increase global engagement among the African Diaspora.

We provide the training and support necessary for thought leaders within the diaspora to serve around the globe effectively and efficiently with efficacy.

Our programs include:

Round Tables

Speaker Series


Our association is designed for the current and aspiring modern global citizen.
We work with businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGO); documented change agents; those interested in international development, social entrepreneurship, foreign policy; and those interested in being engaged intellectually on global matters or pursuing international business opportunities.

More About Us

Our Three Pillars Of Global Engagement

Global Citizenship

A commitment to connect communities while working to transform local action into global impact

Global Leadership

A commitment to develop engaged and relevant leaders that unleash potential in others around the world.

Global Entrepreneurship

A commitment to developing and sharing economic opportunities and innovation that spans beyond national borders.

2018 Global Fellows

Please help us welcome our 2nd cohort of fellows dedicated to making positive impact both locally and globally.
The program looks to elevate the voices of leaders in the African Diaspora on global matters.


TalentoTotal, Founder (Colombia -BO)

China Umeadi

TipHub, Co-Founder (US-CHI)


Ontario Ministry of Education, Education & Research Officer (Canada-ON)

J. Star

The Root, Global Senior Reporter (US-NY)

Paulo Rogerio

Vale Do Dende, Co-Founder (Brazil-Salvador)

Our 2018 Global Fellows

Global Strategists Association believes an investment in leaders within the African Diaspora will help to ensure marginalized communities are being prepared to meet some of the worlds greatest challenges, benefit in business via a globalized world, and contribute in new and exciting ways through unexplored and underestimated lens.
We believe our fellows possess an innate ability to unite people groups from all regions, cultures, and backgrounds leveraging diversity, inclusion and equity on a global scale.
Please help us welcome our 2018 class of fellows committed to advancing societies and making the world a better place for all via education, social entrepreneurship, business and journalism.



Global Leader Fellow


Global Leader Fellow


Global Entrepenuer Fellow


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