We strong global leaders

We are GSA

We define global leaders as professionals and social entrepreneurs who are leading and operating in international settings with a great understanding of building multicultural bridges.

Who We Are.

Global Strategists Association is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2013 by Appreccia D. Faulkner. The organization works to increase global engagement among the African Diaspora and is committed to changing the face of global affairs by curating more inclusive programming. The organization is independent and operates in a nonpartisan capacity.

Appreccia D. Faulkner

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Board Of Directors


Management Consultant


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City Colleges of Chicago


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Team GSA

Tericia Ruff

Director of Memberships

Fred Cole

Production Coordinator

Cristina Calhoun

Executive Assistant

Tosin Akeredolu

Volunteer Coordinator

Global Partnerships

A commitment to partner with local communities and international organizations to foster deeper relationships, curate discussions, and invest in our members & citizens around the world.


A commitment to expose our members to international education, diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions and communities through international travel .

Global Goals

A commitment to educate our members on the importance of supporting the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals in hopes of solving some of the world most complex challenges.


A commitment to partner with global businesses who offer support and opportunities to our members in developed nations and emerging markets.

Why Now?

The global African Diaspora is nearing 140 million spread out over several countries with Brazil, United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Colombia seeing the largest populations. Global Strategists Association is proud to be a leading institution investing in and elevating voices for current and future global citizens. We believe a more inclusive international community requires more intentionality and direct engagement. Since 2013 we have been passionately working to encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in foreign policy and global affairs. We believe the time was yesterday, but we are happy to continue this work today and tomorrow. We hope you will join us on this journey by donating or becoming a member.

In a world of over seven billion people, we believe those who are working to remedy some of the most complex issues on the globe should be representative of all communities, races, and genders. This is why we are committed to elevating voices of those in the African Diaspora to push towards the global goals and create a world where diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront and not as an after thought in foreign policy and global affairs.