What We Are Looking For.

The Global Strategists Association seeks individuals who have the knowledge, expertise and determination to become  global leaders. We are looking for people who have the desire and capacity to take their leadership strengths to a higher level in order to increase diversity in global affairs and engage in the international community. While the program is designed to assemble a unique and diverse cohort of high-potential leaders, leaders most successful in the program share certain personal characteristics:

  • Globally Minded: Ability to see the world beyond local or national borders
  • Eager to Receive Feedback: Willing to seek, humbly accept, and actively respond to feedback.
  • Actively engaging Diverse Points of View: Welcoming opportunities to interact with and learn from others from different countries, with different cultures and  perspectives.
  • Demonstrated Leadership: Must be able to leverage the global fellows program to build on an established record of meaningful leadership (This is not an introductory program in leadership.)
  • In Positions of Influence: Having an opportunity to take action and promote change in their communities/organizations and around the world.
  • Committed to the Program: Willing to fully participate in a 2 year program  with six in person meetups.
  • The program seeks participants from a wide range of fields, including business, military, nonprofit, government, and social entrepreneurship.

*Successful candidates typically display the following characteristics in their applications:

  • demonstrate not only significant accomplishments within their communities and their professions but also high potential for growth and broader impact;
  • commit to engage actively with the global Global Strategists Association Fellowship network throughout their lifetime.
The Fellowship.
Develop Cultural Competence
An opportunity to have your work published through GSA’s platform to our global community partners, members, and subscribers.
Gain International Exposure
Engage with other global leaders around the world and our international members
The fellowship is a 2 year non committal program – A total of 4 meetings over 2 years. (2) each year
No, this is an unpaid fellowship
5 fellows will be selected for the 2018 cohort by our staff. 4 of the 5 fellows will be based locally in Chicago and 1 fellow will be chosen from applicants outside of Chicago.
Global Fellows will be asked to join our global community and become active members to stay connected.
The Application Process?
No, you must finish your application in one sitting. The application time runs…90 to 120 min. Please be sure to review your answers before you hit the submit button.
No, please do not send any additional documents.
No, unfortunately we adhere to a strict deadline
No, all essays must be submitted at the time of application. We highly recommend completing your essay in Word, Google docs etc to make sure you do not exceed the character limit.
You must upload all (2) letters of recommendation at the time of application in the form of a PDF or Word Doc.
Yes, please provide links for all active social media accounts.

Finalists will be notified February 2018

You can continue to apply annually, we highly recommend that you do.

Global Strategists Association process is based on an online application system. All applicants requesting consideration must apply via our online application portal. Global Strategists Association fellowship selection committee, composed of staff considers the best-rated applications for fellowship. Final decision makers take into account a range of criteria for cohort composition, including but not limited to: skills, institutional diversity, and demographic diversity (race/ethnicity, gender, career stage, nationality, and geographic location). Please note that priority in individual applicant selection will be given to first-time fellows.

Finalists will be notified in February 2018. Finalists will be asked attend an in person interview in Chicago or Skype interview as part of the final process. Once the final five are selected, they will be announced at a Global Strategists Association sponsored event in March 2018.

Please also note that acceptance to the fellowship is not transferable to later years.

The Applicant.
All applicants must be 18 at the start of the fellowship program.

All gatherings will be held locally in Chicago. Travel costs for the national fellow will be covered.

Please review characteristics under “what we are looking for: information listed above.

We wish you all the best on your application.

Global Strategists Association Team

If you are having trouble submitting your application, please use a different web browser. If this does not work, please email our Global Fellows coordinator Tai Sawyer at @tsawyer@gsachicago.org for assistance.